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Childhood. I recall it clearly, right after the classes, together with my friends, we gathered in one of their homes to continue a previously saved scenario of Heroes of Might and Magic© III. It is one of those warm memories that come back in my mind just before falling asleep. Do you have these, too? The music in this game was unique, magical… To this day I find pleasure in listening to it again and again. Not only does it evoke positive recollections, but it also is simply a good piece of art on its own. It certainly can be appreciated by a
connoisseur, even one who does not associate it with the picture it was written for.

A decade ago, the music by Paul Anthony Romero became the spiritus movens for the creation of gamemusic.pl. At the same time, a dream has sprouted. A dream of bringing these beautiful melodies to life and presenting them on the stage. A vision to free them from the soulless speakers and let them sound in full glory in the cozy wooden interiors of a philharmonic hall. This dream grew in my head and never let me go.

The Symphony of Heroes concert is the accomplishment of this youthful fantasy. There is no large agency behind its organization. It is the work of a group of enthusiasts. A gift from the fans to the fans. I hope that it will also make your wishes whispered in mind during a night of falling stars come true. Ladies and gentlemen, let me wish you a pleasant evening, hoping that there will be many more such memorable moments which we shall spend together.

Mateusz Pawlak



We are a group of individuals passionate about the music of video games. Our team works at gamemusic.pl which has been one of the most active and comprehensive portals dedicated to game audio for over 10 years now. We are based in Poland, but our mission spreads internationally. Our activities include soundtrack reviews, interviews with composers, organization of events, workshops, and discussion panels. We also run gamemusic records, a label releasing game music on vinyls.

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gamemusic records

Gamemusic records label is the first phonographic company in Poland specializing in releasing music of video games on vinyl. Established in 2016 by the members of the gamemusic.pl team – website with over 10 years of journalistic experience in video games audio.

The first album released by gamemusic records was the soundtrack from the horror game Kholat composed by Arkadiusz Reikowski. It was published in a limited edition of 300 copies. Second release by the label is Heroes Piano Sonatas, the live recording of Heroes of Might and Magic© music – piano arrangements by the composer himself, Paul Anthony Romero.

The mission of gamemusic records is to combine all the best features of exquisite vinyl albums, starting with an original artwork to promote gifted, yet less known artists who manage to convey the spirit of the music with their designs.

Music itself undergoes a special mastering process to make sure it is well suited for the needs of vinyl connoisseurs with highest expectations. Afterwards it is tested and approved by audio specialists. Those are editions of the highest quality.

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