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The Concert

The highly popular Heroes of Might and Magic© series has one very distinctive feature – the music. All compositions created by Paul Anthony Romero have contributed significantly to the success of these titles. The first games of the franchise were released in the second half of the nineties. At that time, the high-quality illustrated music Romero composed was something exceptional in the growing video game industry.

The Symphony of Heroes is an elaborate work by Jan Sanejko and Aruto Matsumoto. The score, after nearly twenty years, brings to life brand new arrangements of the second, third, and fourth episodes of Heroes of Might and Magic©. The concert consists of three suites – each focusing on a separate installment of the series. Rich instrumentation is created by almost eighty-member orchestra, giving a new breath to the melodies known by a whole generation of players.


NFM Wroclaw Philharmonic Orchestra
Adam Klocek – conductor
Guests – 1700+

Concert schedule:
Suite I – Jan Sanejko
Suite II – Aruto Matsumoto, Jan Sanejko
Suite III – Aruto Matsumoto, Jan Sanejko

Suite I

Music arranged completely by Jan Sanejko starts with recognizable track which can be heard after winning a scenario in Heroes of Might and Magic© III. The hope-inducing music changes into two themes from the second game: City of Wizard and City of the Knight. Melodies presented in such fashion are a short introduction to the world of Heroes series.

In the opening of Symphony of Heroes one can hear multiple ways of arranging melodies. This suite is inspired by the game’s music, however Sanejko not only showcases particular themes but also works with them freely. This composition consists of the Snow Theme as well, melody which was arranged and reused multiple times during the suite as an inspiration for many passages and the finale.

Suite II

The second suite is a tribute to the music from the third game in Heroes of Might and Magic© series. Authors of this magnificent piece of art, Aruto Matsumoto and Jan Sanejko, pay respect for the players’ memories and emotions inspired by playing. Thus, it is a musical journey through the world of Heroes III, beginning with the Main Theme. Suite consists of many cities’ themes including Fortress, Necropolis, Stronghold, and Inferno. There are also some world map themes and thrilling, rhythmical melodies from the battlefield.

Themes are arranged with a dramatic plan. Matsumoto and Sanejko treated them strictly, trying to catch the original feel from the games with a more modern grasp. Connecting parts between the themes are composed by authors basing on different tracks.

Suite III

The final suite is completely dedicated to the music of Heroes of Might and Magic© IV. Aruto Matsumoto and Jan Sanejko decided to work using the form of classical symphonies. This suite is in fact a complex of five different forms – there are noticeable divisions between each part, with contrasting contents and dynamics. Artists allowed themselves some creativity, and besides showcasing the themes, they included their own covers and artistic freedom while being respectful for the themes written by Paul Anthony Romero.

Suite starts with Preserve and Sea Theme tracks. Afterwards, Stronghold and Necropolis are used to induce anxiety and with that feelings we are moving to next fantastic cover of the Dirt theme. The fourth part refers to Paul Romero’s love for Mozart – it is a soft, intimate cover based on the less known Credits Theme. The last fragment of the suite calls on the Main Theme and finishes with optimistic notes of the Academy in the epic finale of the whole Symphony of Heroes concerto.

Symphony of Heroes
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