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Paul Anthony Romero

Paul Anthony Romero is a Southern California native who taught himself to play the piano at age of three. He began his formal piano and composition training at age of nine, and made his concert debut two years later. Romero has composed over 70 original movie soundtracks and video game scores, including the monumental orchestral/operatic/choral scores to Ubisoft’s popular video game franchise Heroes of Might and Magic©.

Romero is also the composer of Sony’s Everquest which was one of the world’s most popular online games. Romero is the winner of the BMI Jerry Goldsmith Film Composers Award as well as the recipient of two National Endowment for the Arts grants. As a classical concert pianist, Romero is the winner of numerous international piano competitions including the Paris and the Van Cliburn international piano competitions.

Jan Sanejko

Jan Sanejko, composer, pianist and orchestrator, born in Warsaw. Graduated from the Fryderyk Chopin University of Music, where he studied composition under mentorship of Zygmunt Krauze and Edward Sielecki. He also studied the piano and improvisation under Wojciech Kamiński, Wojciech Majewski and Szábolcs Esztényi.

Nationally recognized as one of the leading conductors of his generation. His first achievement was Zygmunt Mycielski Award of the Young Circle of the Polish Composers Union for his solo piano composition Gethsemane in 2013. In the same year, he was second at National Composition Competition in Torun with violin solo piece Confessions. In 2014, he won Grand Prix and Young Talent Award at International Composition Competition during Krakow Film Music Festival. Year later he won first prize in Composition Competition in Kalisz with the work Mesiah performed by choir and string orchestra.

Aruto Matsumoto

Aruto Matsumoto was born in Poland and raised in Japan. His initial contact with music was when he was 4 years old, when he took his first piano lessons. He graduated from The Fryderyk Chopin University of Music where he studied composition under Sławomir Czarnecki and Zbigniew Bagiński. Nowadays he studies leading musical bands under Krzysztof Kusial-Moroz.

He placed second in the Interuniversity Composition Competition in 2014 with composition Echoes. Year later he got third place in same contest with his Music for the 7 performers. Aruto Matsumoto is engaged in various projects. His work was performed on stages at many internationally recognized events. In Poland, one could hear his talent during the 9th Krakow Film Music Festival for which he wrote a score to the movie Frantic, originalwly composed by Ennio Morricone.

Adam Klocek

Conductor and cellist, winner of Grammy Award. Adam Klocek was described by Krzysztof Penderecki as “one of most talented conductors of the younger generation”. In 2004 Klocek won the conducting competition at Wroclaw Philharmonic and assumed position of assistant to Maestro Jan Latham-Koenig – the music director of the orchestra and of the International “Vratislavia Cantans” festival.

His St. Petersburg debut with State Ermitage Symphony Orchestra was described by the main Russian newspaper Nezhavysymaya Gazeta as a “gift from heaven”. In September and October 2013, two new premieres of Z. Preisner’s music were performed with Adam Klocek as conductor and soloist: “Four Colors of Łódź “and „Diaries of Hope” (Barbican Hall in London with Britten Sinfonietta and Lisa Gerrard).

The album „Night in Calisia”, released in the autumn of 2012, received the Grammy Award 2014, also receiving the status of a double platinum album. In 2008, Adam Klocek was honored with the honorary membership of the Russian Composers’ Union. In October 2013 he was awarded the National Education Commission Medal. In August 2014 the Minister of Culture awarded the artist with the Silver Medal „Gloria Artis”.

NFM Wroclaw Philharmonic

Cooperating with a number of renowned guest artists, NFM Wroclaw Philharmonic, since last year lead by art director Giancarlo Guerrero, is one of the most famous symphonic ensembles in Poland. It is an heir of the first Polish post-World War II orchestra established in 1945. For four years, a group was both philharmonic and opera band. In 1949, the ensemble became a state’s Opera what limited symphonic concerts in repertoire. Five years later the group regained its freedom to become a Wroclaw Philharmonic, an independent symphonic orchestra.

NFM Wroclaw Philharmonic is well known for its actions promoting symphonic music in 20th and 21st century. They are performing regularly with compositions ordered by the National Forum of Music. During current year, the ensemble performed new composition by Grazyna Pstrokanska-Nawratil, Elzbieta Sikora and Jan Duszynski.

NFM Wroclaw Philharmonic is engaged in various projects. A group is a part of the Witold Lutosławski phonographic project – Opera omnia (CD Accord) – in which they recorded I Symphony and Concert for orchestra by W. Lutoslawski. They are performing regularly in prestigious venues and halls of Poland, Europe, and USA.

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