Making of and Beyond

Part 1 – About the Concert


Pure game music. Unplugged.


beautiful illustrative music
inspired by Chopin, Shostakovich,
Beethoven, Liszt, Bach, and Mozart

Gallery of the Concert

The main performance


Gallery of the Rehearsal

The preparations and the final touches


Standing Ovation

Audience reaction


Making of and Beyond

Part 2 – Behind the Scenes


I loved the concert

I am really impressed by the whole event, including the technical aspects and organization, as well as the performance itself. I was simply delighted to be able to hear this music in a fully-fledged form, and feel like child again.

The acoustics of this place are superb

I like it a lot. I’m surprised! I can’t imagine organizing a concert with a philharmonic. It’s great that it succeeded. The acoustics of this place are superb. When it comes to my expectations, the themes I hoped for were there.

I would love to participate in this kind of event in the future

To sum up, I liked it very much, and I would love to participate in this kind of event in the future. The overall sound was just phenomenal.

Gallery of the Recital

Paul Anthony Romero & Artists


Meet & Greet Session

Session with the composer


Listen to games. Live.


An evening to remember
A night of sentiment
A remembrance of childhood…

Concert Facts

Spectators – 1700+
Orchestra – Symphony Orchestra, 80 musicians total
Concert form – Fully acoustic without amplifiers or microphones
Technical Rider – Available
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Concert Schedule

SUITE I – Musical tribute to Paul Anthony Romero, themes from the Heroes of Might and Magic© II
SUITE II – Immersive journey into the themes of Heroes of Might and Magic© III
SUITE III – Classical symphonic themes of Heroes of Might and Magic© IV

About the Concert

… about the themes, suites and inspiration to create them

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About the Artists

…the composer, the orchestrators, the conductor and the orchestra

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About the Producers

…those who believed in the idea and made it come true

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